Chemical Price List


Polyquat 60 – The best of the best. Our highly concentrated algae preventative works to combat all algae types in any type of pool. – $19.99 for a 32-ounce bottle.

Prevent – Great Product to control algae growth effectively and economically.  Ideal for smaller swimming pools. – $12.99 for a 32-ounce bottle.

Severest Algae Treatment – Lingering algae problems? Cover fall in during the off-season? Our product will take care of the worst algae issues. – $18.99 for a 32-ounce bottle.

Mustard & Black Magic – Works great to destroy any algae types in pools.  Excels at ridding pools of yellow algaecide. – $19.99 for a 2 lb bottle.

Polyquat 30 – For those who are looking for a strong algaecide for half the price.  – $9.99 for a 32-ounce bottle.

Poly Magic – Polymer algaecide and copper complex.  Formulated to remove the toughest stains of algae.  – $13.99 for a 32-ouncce bottles.


Alkalinity Up – Raises total alkalinity in pool water.  When alkalinity is at its ideal range the pH is less likely to change.  Additionally, maintained alkalinity levels will help prevent corrosive or scale forming conditions in the pool water. – 10 lb pail – $16.99 each, 25 lb pail – $35.99 each

Calcium Up – Increases calcium hardness levels in pool water.  Proper calcium levels protect pool surfaces and equipment. – 10 lb pail – $19.99 each, 25 lb pail – $34.99 each

pH Up – Increases pH in pool water.  Proper pH make water more comfortable and prevents corrosion of pool components and equipment. – 1 lb. container – $4.99 each

pH Down – Decreases pH and alkalinity in pool water.  Proper pH levels prevent scale formation in pools and on equipment. – 3 lb container – $5.99 each, 10 lb pail – $15.99 each, 25 lb pail – $34.99 each


ProTeam Supreme Plus – This is a once a season application that will save a pool owner time and money.  Also, pool water will look and feel incredible. – 20 lb pail – $58.99 each, 45 lb pail – $109.99 each

Microfloc Clarifier – This product aids in the filtration of the tiniest particles for brilliantly sparkling water. – 32 oz container – $19.99 each

UV Shield – Ultraviolet light is the biggest consumer of chlorine in outdoor swimming pools.  Protect the chlorine in the water with UV Shield. (stabilizer) – 1.5 lb container – $4.99 each

Power Enzyme – A natural, pH neutral biodegradable product that helps to eliminate such matter as body oils, dead organic matter, and much more. Regular use will decrease pool maintenance. – 32 oz container – $8.99 each

Reverse – Quickly eliminates excessive amounts of chlorine or bromine from water. – 2 lb container at $9.99 each

EXO Clarifier – All natural and fast acting clarifier to quickly clear cloudy water.  Use periodically to aid filter in keeping pool clear. – 32 oz container – $12.99 each


3” High Tech Tabs – The ultimate stabilized chlorine in a handy 3” tablet.  Contains our unique and advanced borate technology. – 5 lb pail – $29.99 each, 8 lb pail – $59.99 each, 16 lb pail – $89.99 each, 25 pound pail – $109.99 each

3” Pure Tabs – Long lasting compressed 3” chlorine tablets.  Stabilized chlorine protected from UV rays. – 25 lb pail – $89.95 each

Pure Stix – Effective chlorinating source for swimming pools that is safe to use in the skimmer box. – 5 lb pail – $24.99 each, 16 lb pail – $79.99 each, 25 lb pail – $103.99 each

Bromine Tablets – Slow dissolving bromine tablets.  1” tablet size. – 50 lb pail – $199.99 each

Zip Chlor – Rapid dissolving, stabilized chlorinating granules.  This product is a buffered sanitizer treatment for crystal clear water and has a high percentage of available chlorine. – 4 lb pail – $24.95 each, 8# pail – $35.95 each, 25# pail – $94.99 each, 50# pail – $179.99 each


Power Magic AC – Powerful, effective, economical and proven.  Power Magic maintains the sparkle and quickly returns the clarity when things do not go according to plan. – 1 lb bag – $3.79 each

Quick Shock – Kills Alage – Fast Acting – Quick Dissolving.  56% available stabilized chlorine. – 1 1b. bag – $4.49 each

Shock & Swim – Fast acting, non-chlorine oxidizing treatment for swimming pools.  Powered by Oxone. Perfect for those who are looking to decrease the amount of chlorine into their body of water while maintain second-to-none clarity.  Allows quick access to the pool within 15 minutes after use.

1 lb bag – $4.99 each

Power 73 – 73% Cal Hypo, PH 11.  Does not increase cyanuric acid levels.  Compatible with all sanitizing systems except biguanide. – 1 lb bag – $4.79 each

Multi Shock Extra – Multi functional Shock.  Removes organic contaminants. – 1 lb bag – $8.99 each, 25# pail – $99.99 each

Trouble Shooters

Supreme Plus – Requires no pH adjustments after application.  Makes water softer and easier to balance. Specialized water buffers to help with water balance.  Chlorine consumption will decrease. – 20 lb pail – $58.99 each, 45 lb pail – $109.99 each

Metal Magic – Effectively removes problems on pool surfaces from staining caused by metals; easily removes suspended metal particles from pool water, using your existing filtration system.  Removes metals such as iron, copper, silver, and manganese. – 32 oz container – $16.99 each

Dry Clarifer – For use exclusively in sand filters.  Dry Clarifier will tighten up the filter media and allow it to pull more particulate from the water.  When that happens, the water will look better than it did before its addition. – 6 oz bag – $9.99 each

Superfloc – Highly concentrated clarifier takes cloud causing particles that are lingering in swimming pool water and forces them to collect on the pool bottom.  Once on the bottom, they can be easily vacuumed to waste. – 32 oz container – $14.99 each

Filter Magic – Professional strength filter cleaner for removing oil, scale organics and other grime from your pool filter.  Eventually these materials cannot be removed with washing, rinsing, or backwashing. This product will help with the removal of those materials. – 32 oz container – $16.99 each

PhosAway – Phosphates are basically food for plant life like algae.  Our formulation effectively removes phosphates from pool water. – 32 oz container – $15.99 each

PhosAway Extreme – Formulated for pools highly susceptible to phosphates. – 32 oz container – $23.99 each

Quick Cover – Small dosages needed to prevent evaporation, the leading cause of heat loss in water.  Saves money by reducing the need to “top off” pool water levels. – 32 oz container – $8.99 each

Spa Chemicals

Gentle Spa – Enhances spa water to leave skin soft and moisturized while reducing eye and skin irritation.  2 lb container – $13.99 each

Spa Brominating Tabs – Compressed 1-inch tablets for continuous sanitization of spa and hot tub water. – 4 lb pail – $39.99 each

Sky Blue Clarifier – Highly concentrated clarifier for exceptionally clean, clear water.  Used to help make good looking water great. Quickly removes suspended particles and enhances water clarity. – 1 pint – $7.99 each

pH Increaser – Prevents corrosion in spa and hot tub water.  Compatible with All forms of sanitization. – 1 lb container – $4.99 each

pH Decreaser – Quickly lowers pH in spa and hot tub water to prevent scaling and cloudy, hazy water. – 1.5 pound container – $4.99 each

Alkalinity Up – An essential part of water balance, alkalinity will help keep pH from bouncing or staying high or low. – 1 lb container – $5.99 each

Calcium Up – Everybody of water needs calcium in it.  When levels are ideal you will prolong the life of your spa and provides bather comfort.  The water will also be less aggressive and corrosive. – 1 lb container – $4.99 each

Metal Magic – Concentrated formula developed to quickly remove iron, copper, silver, manganese and excessive calcium hardness from spa and hot tub water. – 1 pint – $12.99 each

Brom Start – Though not a sanitizer by itself, it works in conjunction with Brominating Tabs to make the water safe and comfortable for spa users.  Instantly creates a bromide reserve in your spa. – 1 pint for $7.99 each

Spa Multi Shock Extra – Fast acting, quick dissolving, and easy to apply Multi Magic is the superior way to maintain your spa.  Add as need for maintenance or weekly to shock your spa. – 2 lb container – $13.95 each

Spa System Clean – ProTeam Spa System Clean loosens buildups in spas and hot tub plumbing. Simply use this product prior to draining your hot tub to remove buildup that can cause cloudiness, odors, foaming and a decrease in sanitizer. – 1 pint – $8.99 each

Natual Clean – Natural clean is an all-natural biodegradable product that will aid in the digestion of all sorts of material that accumulates and lingers in spa water. – 1 pint – $8.99 each

ProTeam Spa Kit – Seven great products designed to get your spa running at its best.  Includes the following: 2 lb. of Gentle Spa, 1 pint of Spa Filter Clean, 1 pint of Spa Foam Fighter, 1 pint of Spa Sky Blue Clarifier, 1 pint of Spa Metal Magic, 1 lb of pH increaser, 1.5 lb of pH decreaser, water sample bottle, test strips, and a spa care guide. – $49.99 for the kit

Salt Water Support

System Start – Improves water comfort, reduces pool operating costs, and keeps water balanced longer.  It also decreases generator cell activity thanks to added Chlorine Shield. – 10 lb pail – $29.99 each

Weekly Boost – Oxidize the contaminants that your salt cell leaves behind.  Eliminates the strain on cells and decreases electric costs. Swim in 15 minutes after application. – 2 lb container – $9.49 each

Cell Cleaner – A simple-to-use dry product that dissolves the minerals that naturally build on your Salt Cell generator.  Quickly loosens and removes oils combined organic matters, and calcium deposits. – 1 lb bag – $3.99 each

Kick Start – This product is used mid-season or anytime as a refresher for System Start.  Makes your water feel new again. It acts as a water clarifier, pH buffer, water balancer, and water conditioner. – 10 lb pail – $59.99 each

Metal Miracle – Captures metals so they can be removed via filtration.  Removes metals such as iron, copper, silver and manganese. – 32 oz container – $14.99 each

Stain & Scale – Prevent metal related issues of water discoloration.  Compatible with all other water treatment systems including: chlorine, bromine, biguanide, ozone, UV and mineral systems.  Phosphate Free. – 32 oz container – $15.49 each

Bulk Chemicals

50# bag of sand$11.99 per bag

40# bag of salt$9.99 per bag

25# bag of DE$14.99 per bag

Case of liquid chlorine $16.99 for (4×1 gallons of chlorine)

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